Italian Spiderman is love. As Wikipedia describes it:

Italian Spiderman is a film parody of Italian action-adventure films of the 60s and 70s. […] In the middle of a party, an asteroid from a distant galaxy falls to Earth and is taken by professor Bernardi (Carmine Russo) for research. He discovers the asteroid has a substance that can create duplicates from any living being and decides that Italian Spiderman (Franco Franchetti), a fat, rude and powerful superhero, is the only man capable to have custody of the valuable asteroid. As soon Professor Bernardi gives Italian Spiderman the asteroid, he is attacked by the terrible Captain Maximum (Leombruno Tosca) who is interested in using the asteroid for his own evil plans. Foiled in his attempt to steal the asteroid from Bernardi, he transforms the Professor into a snake…

I cut the rest of the plot summary – go watch it on YouTube, where it’s being released in excerpts a few minutes long. Eight episodes have been released as of this writing.

I believe part 4 is the best one to start with, as it is a perfect summary of what the movie is all about: