ipads will replace netbooks desktops laptops fffuuuu troll journalist sheep apple rage crop

I dislike the kind of reality distortion field and hype machinery the original article adds to. Still, I think the attitude the picture (huge scroller) messages is disturbing and represents exactly the kind of deep lack of understanding most technical people have for everyday computing needs.

Most people want and need devices and services that perform well and reliably, are easy to manage or manage themselves. Modern PCs just don’t perform well in this area. It’s easy to ridicule, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone with money to burn actually was to prefer using two iPad over a piece of shit EUR 500 laptop for all less keyboard intense computing tasks.

Semi-related food of thought – self maintaining software: Google Chrome OS’s design goals (auto updating, browser-only OS, may not be usable for netbooks, but I do want something like this on public terminals I maintain), Google Chrome and Google Pack (installs updates automatically, even for third party software like Firefox and Flash, using a very tasteful process automated by Windows’ scheduled tasks).

[via:Joonas Mäkinen]