The new Swedish wiretapping law is only the beginning. The same country’s administration now wants the police to confiscate/get access to a medical database of DNA samples of all citizens born during the last 33 years.

From the the blog of Rick Falkvinge, the leader of the Swedish Pirate Party:

“…the administration is now preparing a bill to confiscate the world’s largest scientific DNA register for the police.

Since 1975, every newborn infant in Sweden has had their blood sampled and stored in a huge registry, exclusively for medical research purposes, and particularly for phenylketonuresis (PKU) — hence, the register is called the PKU register. This register is something of a national treasure for medical scientific research. However, by its nature, it is also a DNA register.”

“The administration just initiated the drafting of a bill to have this entire register confiscated by the police.”

Pigfuckers. Pigfuckers. Pigfuckers.