Music download: New X-Files theme by UNKLE

It’s a new version of Mark Snow’s good old creepfest theme remade for the new X-Files movie which is about to open in theatres soon (US July 25, Finland August 1).

UNKLE is also the band behind the only piece of music I have clear memories of having heard repeatedly in my dreams.

I dunno what to expect from the new X-Files movie. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the first six seasons or so of the series as much as the next geek/conspiracy nut, but that was before They chose to flush the characters down the drain pipe of silly love stories.

If “I Want to Believe” turns out to be crap, I recommend curing your 2012 angst with David Duchovny in last year’s Hollywood inside joke Californication instead. His character is kind of like a coked up and stoned school girl chasing version of Mulder.