Majority of Finnish 55–64 year olds are for limitations of free speech for the purpose of “taming” the Internet (in Finnish)

Just what we needed: delusional Baby Boomers who blame school shootings on the Internet. The sooner every single one of these purposeless assclowns go sit in the corner and die from heart diseases caused by lifestyle choices, the better off the rest of us are.

This kind of clueless, frightened mental defecation from some old people, concerning everything related to the Internet might actually affect technology law & policies. I get sick thinking of these things.

As far as civil liberties are concerned, I’m sure these cold-war trained, censorship happy idiots wouldn’t mind the idea of being time-machined back to some country behind the iron curtain 30 years ago, if they could take their cars, summer cottages and overweight grand-children with them.

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