20 April 2010

we are all david lynch

Photo by Hin Chua


Nearly every digital copier stores an image of all processed documents

Copiers have been equipped with hard drives for the last decade, but nobody’s paying any attention to the security implications.


18 April 2010

Not only is this My First Cubicle-type product intensely depressing, it’s also stupid. Since when have moderatly gifted children actually needed special-made computers and software?

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23 March 2010

Silly Walks: India Pakistan Wagah Attari Border Closing Ceremony


12 March 2010

Chief exorcist says Devil is in Vatican

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1 March 2010

“SmÃ¥ hundar i väska – och naturligtvis ocksÃ¥ stora snälla hundar – ska fÃ¥ följa med in pÃ¥ restauranger.” #

Utan att vara onödigt elak kan jag väl konstatera att Hundpartiet påminner mig om P.D. James dystopi The Children of Men där barnlöshet leder till en trend av kattdop och liknande.


25 February 2010

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10 February 2010

Old Spice Commercial: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (I’m on a Horse)

More well written and cut ads in their channel.

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9 February 2010

Rekn.it: This month, my mom will turn your X old into new Y

“How it works: 1.) you send an old sweater to my mom 2.) she unravels & reknits it into something new. 3.) a brand new, hand-made, one of a kind item is sent back to you.”


US soldier “waterboarded” 4-year-old-daugher

…for not reciting the alphabet.

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4 February 2010

Scientologists in Haiti: A Firsthand Account

“”Their idea was to use the ton of money they had to buy food to distribute when they got there. But there was no food and no water. That was the point.””

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3 February 2010

This beautifully mimed piece of Sovjet psychedelia also appears in an… unusual flash animation I stumbled over the over day. Know your meme has more details.

Edit: The song (Eduard Khil – I Am Very Glad Because I’m Finally Reuturning Back Home) can be heard on Spotify as well.


30 January 2010

The ten most ridiculous Black Metal videos

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29 January 2010

Hommafoorumin “parhaat palat”: Hommawatch

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28 January 2010

Awkward Stock Photos


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