19 March 2010

10 Ways to Write One-Liners

Paramedic Method: A Lesson in Writing Concisely

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10 February 2009

George Carlin’s last interview

…in which it is revealed that he, in addition to comedy and pot also did Macs and acid.

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12 August 2008

Oh, so I’m not the only person with “writing in semi-public”-related issues?

“just consulted the AP Stylebook before writing on someone’s facebook wall. i gotta- i gotta get out more.” — echuckles

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11 August 2008

“Politics And The English Language”, 1947 essay by George Orwell

I fully admit to being exposed to the English language largely through sloppy news reporting and other political nonsense, technical documentation and hastily written blogs as well as other fast-paced online conversations. I’m painfully aware that I often swamp my writing with contemporary “news-speak”.

In this essay, George Orwell offers advice I’d consider invaluable especially for non-native English speakers like myself who try to write relaxed texts that make sense.

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