17 June 2010

WordPress 3.0 released

Finally some features that really improve WordPress’ level of usefulness a general purpose CMS.


4 October 2009

Meta warning: Site refinements

Recently, some unchanneled boredom of mine was focused on making omglog suck marginally less:

  • I spawned rudimentary archive listings,
  • …a meta page for this kind of technobabble,
  • …a post randomizer
  • …and an attempt at a coherent archive browsing by placing navigation links near the footer on both archive listings and single post pages:


I also cleaned up some copy. Man, writing uncluttered text is difficult, even more difficult than avoiding the horrors of blogging about blogging.

13 September 2008

ScribeFire, a Firefox extension based blog editor

I’m currently trying out ScribeFire. I’ve tried blogging clients such as MS’ surprisingly good Windows Live Writer before. So far I’ve kept myself to WordPress’ built in editor, which works increasingly well thanks to auto-saving and revision control, but having a text editor supporting drag and drop etc. as a browser extension seems worth trying out as a way to make publishing easier and faster.

Although all the major bits and pieces are in place, I miss a few things. So far mainly that WordPress’ own preview system isn’t employed, and that the editor doesn’t fetch WordPress’ different sized copies of images; these could be missing features in the current version, or impossible to impelement using WordPress current APIs, I don’t know. I won’t use ScribeFire (or Windows Live Writer) for posting, but these tools are probably worth a try (and they both support a whole bunch of blogging services).


23 July 2008

Ten tumblelog themes for WordPress

I found Typographic (license: GPLv2), the theme currently used on this site in the above list.

WordPress theme generator

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