15 August 2008

Microsoft dev blog: Engineering Windows 7

This may, at some point in the future, provide interesting stuff on the development of Windows 7. The first posts are meta-BS, but I added the blog to my feed reader.

Those interested in operating systems or other software products should take a look at Microsoft’s collection of blogs (there are quite a few). It isn’t only traditional PR nonsense, they have quite a few interesting regular writers.

12 August 2008

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) at Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), Microsoft Windows Windows crashing error message at Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony

Now where's the 'any'-key?


21 July 2008

Windows memory management and its limitations

Mark Russinovich, a well known Windows expert, writes about how the last few versions of Microsoft’s NT based operating systems handle memory resources/RAM. Fairly technical, useful for computer enthusiasts.

Speaking of Russinovich, everyone who uses Windows should keep the free system utilities of his company Wininternals (now owned by Microsoft) installed at all times. Microsoft is for some reason not including said programs with the default Window package, but still maintains and distributes them for free at Sysinternals.com.

10 July 2008

Windows 3.11 no longer available for OEM/embedded licensing in November

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 was released in august 1993.

[via:Ars Technica]

18 June 2008

An improved version of PuTTY, a terminal emulator/SSH client for MS Windows. Includes URL highlighting/clickable links and minimize to system tray icon (and more)

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