13 November 2009

Quizipedia: trivia game with content from Wikipedia


17 September 2009

Wikipedia: Irony mark

Also: Sarcasm mark

5 September 2009

Wikipedia: One instruction set computer

“A One Instruction Set Computer (OISC) is a Turing-complete abstract machine that uses only one instruction (obviating the need for a machine language opcode).”

Wait… what?

[via:Security Now]

6 August 2009

Misguided responses to Wikipedia Mobile’s feedback requests

In addition to technical feedback, they got stuff not entirely unlike Yahoo answers/”How is babby formed?”.

25 July 2009

The importance of automatically updating an illustration of the Sun’s life-cycle every 10,000 years

Serious business.


11 July 2009

Best of Wikipedia


31 January 2009

A comparison between a flame on Earth and a flame in a microgravity environment

Flame on Earth vs. flame in microgravity environment (NASA photo)


16 November 2008

German politician, former Stasi employee forbids use of wikipedia.de domain

“A German Member of parliament for a left-wing party, Lutz Heilmann, has obtained a preliminary injunction against […] Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., forbidding the forwarding of the popular http://wikipedia.de to the proper http://de.wikipedia.org. Apparently Heilmann is not happy with the fact that his Wikipedia article (English version) contains information on his work for the former GDR Stasi, the much-hated internal secret service.”

Relying on country specific Tld’s controlled by governments while clowns, shit eaters and torturers like Lutz Heilmann are running loose in parliament is a bad idea.

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