30 June 2010

Introducing the web safe font cheat sheet


20 April 2010

CSS3 Spotlight

[via:Joonas Mäkinen/RT]

10 February 2010

13 Useful JavaScript Solutions for Charts and Graphs

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24 January 2010

Home page recreates Windows 3.1 experience – minesweeper included

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20 January 2010

Save IE6!

[via:Mikko Hyppönen]

14 July 2009

Youtube to end support for Internet Explorer 6

More major sites should be doing the same.

Internet Explorer, even the later versions, is one of the things keeping me from bothering to learn any serious web coding. For instance, as of today, this website will not render properly even in IE8, at least pages with embedded flash videos.

I personally find the whole idea of The Redmond Clown Computing Company fucktards slowly being forced by the market to develop one, single product involving standard compliance somewhat hilarious. Microsoft’s market dominance is centered around giving business software buyers what they want in theory while smugly defecating on end users and usability. These shitheads are holding the technology industry back by not simply switching IE to Webkit.

BTW, end users who aren’t looking for anything specific in a web browser should be switched to Chrome. I’m getting seriously tired of Firefox myself, but I’m staying with it for the extensions (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).


2 July 2009

Construct, a visual CSS editor based on Blueprint & jQuery


21 March 2009

The Vintage Web, a collection of old-fashioned web design


1 December 2008

Unsanity in a Flash: Bio-Bak, a Dutch artist portfolio

This is true, rare Fat-Pie class weirdness. Make sure that you view the site in full screen.


20 November 2008

Gmail: now with themes

This was activated on my account just now and being able to select a theme with light text on a dark background is something I’ve waited for since I started using Gmail. More info about themes in Gmail is available on the development team blog.

I really hope that the Reader team will add themes to their product as well, sooner rather than later.

17 November 2008

Offworld, Boing Boing’s new gaming blog

That web design is so retro it makes me want to eat mushrooms.


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