20 June 2010

mickey mouse and the medicine man speed amphetamine salesman 1950s comic

“Mickey Mouse and the Medicine Man” – A 50’s comic in which Mickey travels to Africa with Goofy as amphetamine salesmen.

[via:Hans Häggström]

27 December 2009

Sweden’s bizarre tradition of watching Donald Duck cartoons on Christmas Eve

“[In 1992 when] Arne Weise, who hosted the show live from 1972 to 2002 attempted to get the network to record his portion of the program in advance so that he could spend Christmas with his family, newspapers got a hold of the story and helped scuttle the change. “We had recorded everything, but no way […] the host was supposed to sit there in some sort of vigil over Christmas.”

“Weise claims that Sweden’s stubborn insistence that he record live every year destroyed his personal life, blaming the show for his three divorces. “I wasn’t easy to live with—I was in a bad mood out of nervousness before going on air, and tired afterwards.”


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