8 March 2012

Jacked by David Kushner

Jacked: The story of Grand Theft Auto

Writer David Kusher (Wired etc.) who once laid out the story of iD Software’s classic titles in Masters of Doom now takes on Grand Theft Auto and its creators in his latest book Jacked.

“Whenever he passed through London airport, he always got hassled by Hare Krishnas, urging him to be happy. “Gouranga!” they’d say, a Sanskrit expression of good fortune. Baglow hated it. Then a lightbulb went off over his head.”


26 January 2011

Angry Birds catapult toys in the making


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15 January 2011

Grand Theft Auto IV: Frictionless

You’ll get GTA IV to go insane beyond Carmageddon or Postal by configuring wheel friction to a negative number. You wouldn’t play any game missions using this very easy mod, but going on some bat shit insane rampages is a compulsory part of all GTA games anyway. I’ll definitely try this at some point for this very purpose.

On the Windows version, this friction free effect can be achieved by editing the handling.dat file in your GTA 4 folder (the default is “C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV”), by reducing the value “wbias” to around -9 for each vehicle.

Here’s another video, and for the bandwidth impaired, some modest screenshots illustrating the dangers of having cars bounce around urban areas (1, 2, 3).


1 October 2010

Zynga Moves 1 Petabyte Of Data Daily; Adds 1,000 Servers A Week

“10 percent of the world’s internet population (approximately 215 million monthly users) has played a Zynga game.”

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15 July 2010

Sonic 2 XL game mod makes Sonic grow fat by eating onion rings #

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25 June 2010

The Settlers of Catan ported to Microsoft Surface #

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26 May 2010

Zynga now sells Farmville ice cream (press release). For real.

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11 May 2010

mark morgan vault archives fallout 2 soundtrack free release

Fallout and Fallout 2 game soundtracks remastered and released for free download by original artist Mark Morgan.

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29 April 2010

Valve Time

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22 April 2010

Man spends 3 years maxing out a perfectly optimized SimCity 3000 city #

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20 April 2010

Detailed explanation of a plausible post-saving-princess scenario. Animation by Studio Joho.

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19 March 2010

Enthusiast builds digital pinball machine using commodity PC hardware

…and the Hyperspin pinball simulation software.

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2 March 2010

BioShock involved designer remakes Arcadia level for Doom II

…while also explaining differences between the game mechanics/player experience of Doom versus modern FPS games.


29 January 2010

Farmville parody ad

Direct Youtube link. Also, Mafia Wars. I don’t quite have a chronological grasp of Youtube memes, but these really remind me of Powerthirst.

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20 January 2010


A game about running and jumping like hell.

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