5 April 2012

Friends – “I’m His Girl” (Live in London)

The extended hiatus of the live music section of this site is hereby ended by indie pop/dance punk outfit Friends, fronted by the alluring Samantha Urbani.

Friends’ polyamory anthem “I’m His Girl” features a killer bass line and emulates that 60’s soul sound with great care on the studio recording (Youtube, Spotify). Full danceability is maintained on stage, as displayed in this high quality concert video by Noisey.

Also note the band’s recent song Va Fan Gör Du (Swedish for “What the hell are you doing?”).


30 April 2011

Light Drive
Light painting, animated by stop-motion, together with music from TRON: Legacy.
This supports well an idea of mine, that music is colours we can hear.
Done by Kim Pimmel.
[via: Monomoda: Sound & Music Visualized]

14 February 2011

ACCESSION 2011 LENNU EDUSKUNTAAN (C64) is an election campaign ad for Lennu (Len Merikanto) of the demo group Accession and the Pirate Party. There’s a parliamentary election taking place in Finland on the 17:th of April this spring.

[via:Tero Inha]

15 January 2011

Espoon kaupungin rekryn trololo-mainos juliste 'mitapä jos lollottelun sijaan tulisit meille töihin'. Valokuvan ottanut Rein Ruutiainen, opiskelija Metropoliassa

Espoon kaupungin rekryn trololo-mainos

Metropolian opiskelija huomasi miten Espoon kaupunki on ottanut nuorekkaamman asenteen rekrytoinnissa. Venäläisen Edward Hillin neuvostopsykedelinen Trololo-laulu, joka tarvittaessa soi myös Spotifyn kautta, on internet-meeminä noin vuoden ikäinen.

[via:Lilja Tamminen]

Grand Theft Auto IV: Frictionless

You’ll get GTA IV to go insane beyond Carmageddon or Postal by configuring wheel friction to a negative number. You wouldn’t play any game missions using this very easy mod, but going on some bat shit insane rampages is a compulsory part of all GTA games anyway. I’ll definitely try this at some point for this very purpose.

On the Windows version, this friction free effect can be achieved by editing the handling.dat file in your GTA 4 folder (the default is “C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV”), by reducing the value “wbias” to around -9 for each vehicle.

Here’s another video, and for the bandwidth impaired, some modest screenshots illustrating the dangers of having cars bounce around urban areas (1, 2, 3).


2 January 2011

From Romantically Apocalyptic episode 33, alexiuss aka Vitaly s. Alexius posta-pocalyptic webcomic

Romantically Apocalyptic is a humorous webcomic set in an insane, post-apocalyptic world created by Russian-born, Canadian deviantArt personality and artist Alexiuss (Vitaly S Alexius) using

“Photoshop, live actors, dead actors, sexy assistants, greenscreen, a camera, and a Wacom tablet. Each comic page is meticulously digitally painted and contains 6 years worth of textures: 1 terabyte of stock footage, shot in real abandoned, forgotten places of our world.”


There’s a (Internet) TV series in the making.


28 December 2010

IPv4 address exhaustion will hit everyone hard within the next three years. If you’re doing any kind of IT, implementing IPv6 is a shitstorm you’ll be forced to deal with.

Sam Bowne at the San Francisco City College did at talk at Defcon this year, in which he explains a lot of the essentials on getting started with IPv6. Mr. Bowne is hilarious so the talk is very much worth its 27 minutes.

Short version: take a look at Hurricane Electric’s free IPv6 certification program.

12 November 2010

Onko uusi marxilainen vallankumous tulossa? (TV7 Café Raamattu)

“Miksi perinteistä avioliittokäsitystä horjutetaan juuri nyt niin voimakkaasti? Onko homoliikkeen menestyksen takana tietoinen yhteiskunnallinen suunnitelma, jolla tähdätään klassisen kristillisen avioliittokäsityksen murtamiseen? Vieraana dosentti Juha Ahvio.”

[via:Kerkko Paananen]

11 November 2010

The video walks you through the step of downloading your profile information from Facebook, including your posts and messaging. Please keep in mind that this is a subset of the data about you that Facebook stores. Every click on the site is retained.

[via:Arttu Silvast]

6 November 2010

EAT DA POO POO: Intense ugandan campaigning against homosexuality powered by the rage of pastor Martin Ssempa of the pro death penalty camp.

[via:Panu Horsmalahti]

16 August 2010

Macho salad

From the Swedish movie Farsan (trailer).

[via:Jean Nygård]

13 August 2010

FST5-dokumentär: Fildelning – rättighet och brott

Undertecknad medverkade tillsammans med Marcin De Kaminski, Jyrki Kasvi m.fl. i en finlandssvensk dokumentär om fildelning. Programmet är till största delen på svenska och är textat till finska.

EDIT: Jonkinlainen käännös minun postista löytyy Piraattipuolueen blogista.


22 July 2010

New Beavis and Butt-head episodes in production?

Beavis and Butt-Head and it’s spin-off Daria are great sources for therapeutical insight and self identification for anyone who didn’t particularly enjoy growing up in a typical kindergarten-for-teens kind of high school setting.

B&BH creator Mike Judge later did a name for himself with cult movies Office Space and Idiocracy. Youtube#.

[via:Adam Lisagor]

15 July 2010

Sonic 2 XL game mod makes Sonic grow fat by eating onion rings #

[via:Jani Nurmiainen]

10 July 2010

Youtube launches support for 4K video resolution

Google is obviously building infrastructure for some kind of major, commercial video distribution project. But they’re also preparing themselves for a not so distant future when normal people might have enormous, wall sized-screens at home.

This is not crazy talk without any real application within the lives of normal people. For instance: Any kind of convincing telepresence must be based on video quality much higher than 1080p. Ask yourself what it’d take to make you feel not so much out of place when attending some kind of party by appearing and watching others in life-size on a wall.

I’m just saying. People will want this kind of equipment.

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