14 May 2011

A screenshot from the documentary 'American: The Bill Hicks Story' (27 min). 'Only Bill would try Hallucinogenics before he tried alcohol'

American: The Bill Hicks Story (imdb) is a fine, must see documentary for all comedy fans and People of Counterculture. The movie shows us a man who during his own lifetime lived and breathed relentless dedication to speaking hurtful truths to barely receptive small-town comedy club audiences, but was privileged enough to witness the early days of his persona’s journey towards cult-like status.

You can buy your own copy or rent a stream (HD quality available) on the film’s site. A 720p copy can be downloaded illegally over bittorrent.

The documentary is definitely worth its weight in HD bandwidth thanks to a ton of gorgeous animations made from photo cutouts. Lazy, white-trash Finnish fans might however enjoy the free, subtitled low-res copy of the movie on The Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Areena streaming site (25 days of geographically restricted availability left at the time of posting).

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7 November 2010

British long-term jobless to face compulsory manual slave labour

The Daily Telegraph has a longer interview with Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

“Play ball or it’s going to be difficult”

Related: The Tories are keeping their promises.

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21 June 2010

traintimes london underground live tube train position map

Live train map for the London Underground

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14 June 2010

UK music industry lobbyist Fran Nevrkla calls for death penalty for piracy


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27 May 2010

Polari, the secret language of British gay men

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14 May 2010

Actor/comedian Peter Serafinowicz on why he illegally downloads copyrighted material

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5 May 2010

Antarctic Research Bases Are Seriously Self-Sustaining

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20 April 2010

New Tory campaign poster – let’s cut benefits


13 March 2010

collegehumor omg wwii on facebook what did you do with all the juice germany

A modern adaptation of world war II for the american teenager. Backup copy.

Related: I have eliminated all the juice.

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30 January 2010

UK sceptics to arrange “mass overdose” outside homeopathic stores

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7 January 2010

UK pensioners burning books to keep warm

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19 November 2009

Leaked news: UK Secretary of State to propose beyond fucked up changes to copyright law?

…including new, undemocratic, unparliamentary powers for the Secretary of State and prison sentences for file sharing.


4 November 2009

London mayor rescues film director, chases 3 feral girls away on his bike

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25 October 2009

Selection of immigration related front page headlines in British tabloids


13 October 2009

Guardian gagged from reporting parliament

According to Wikileaks, the gag order may be about toxic waste dumping outside the Ivory Coast.


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