12 November 2010

Onko uusi marxilainen vallankumous tulossa? (TV7 Café Raamattu)

“Miksi perinteistä avioliittokäsitystä horjutetaan juuri nyt niin voimakkaasti? Onko homoliikkeen menestyksen takana tietoinen yhteiskunnallinen suunnitelma, jolla tähdätään klassisen kristillisen avioliittokäsityksen murtamiseen? Vieraana dosentti Juha Ahvio.”

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22 July 2010

New Beavis and Butt-head episodes in production?

Beavis and Butt-Head and it’s spin-off Daria are great sources for therapeutical insight and self identification for anyone who didn’t particularly enjoy growing up in a typical kindergarten-for-teens kind of high school setting.

B&BH creator Mike Judge later did a name for himself with cult movies Office Space and Idiocracy. Youtube#.

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23 March 2010

MoonTV aloittaa tänään verkossa.


17 March 2010

Milgram experiment repeated for a TV documentary: over 80% would shock to death

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11 February 2010

“That Guy”/Character actors

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23 December 2009

TVkaistan tomitusjohtaja kommentoi poliisitutkimukseksi kasvanutta kiistaa Suomen ainoasta järkevästa TV-palvelusta

Kuten jo tiedämme, vanhoillis-medioilla on jotain sitä vastaan, että ihmiset nauttivat heidän tuotteista ei-kelvottomassa formaatissa.

18 November 2009

Japanese Fanta Commericals Fan(ta)subbed


31 October 2009

Skrämmande text om Berlusconis mediamakt i Italien

En diskussion om tv-kultur med upphoven för filmen Videocracy (imdb).

14 October 2009

LIFE photo: Hugo Gernsback Wearing TV Glasses

LIFE photo: Hugo Gernsback Wearing TV Glasses

“that’s none other than Hugo Gernsback, inventor, the “father of modern science fiction” and the namesake for the Hugo Award”

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13 October 2009

Electronic Behavior Control System

For more cheesy tv mashups, see Everything Is Terrible. To further enhance your feelings of disgust for television as a medium, you could read The Zen TV Experiment.


10 October 2009

'This is the world that you know', screenshot from The Matrix (40 minutes, 35 seconds)

The Idiot Box speaks in riddles, but you will obey. #

7 October 2009

I was handed this clip from a 2005 HBO documentary titled Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She (imdb). This is pure gold: loudmouthed “straight” males are guaranteed to feel stupendously uncomfortable. All of this is based on a study conducted at University of Georgia in 1996. The study showed that 54% of a group of homophobic, self-described heterosexual men were, while denying it, sexually aroused by watching gay porn. Non-homophobic, heterosexual males who participated in the study revealed little signs of arousal.

Watching the whole film is strongly encouraged. It provides a well presented summary of how traditional (western) views on gender and sexuality are hideously alienating and evil, based on examples from all over the world.

At the time of writing, a split-up version of the 54 minute piece is available in fairly decent quality on Youtube.

Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (credits).


3 October 2009

YLEn TV-uutisten tunnuksia kautta aikojen

A collection of Finnish public service tv news intros.


14 September 2009

The Zen TV Experiment

The article opens with some interesting, meditation like exercises that allegedly will help the reader grasp the inner nature of the idiot box. A bit further into the text, the author goes off the rails with a to my mind quite thoughtful Buddhism like rant about the overall brain rotting qualities of TV. Which I happen to mostly agree with.

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31 January 2009

Tvkaistaa syytetään taas laittomaksi

Kuten yleensä, vanhoillis-medioilla on jotain sitä vastaan, että ihmiset nauttivat heidän tuotteista ei-kelvottomassa formaatissa. Tvkaista on muuten palvelu joka pitäisi sisältyä TV-maksuun (.).

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