18 April 2010

Not only is this My First Cubicle-type product intensely depressing, it’s also stupid. Since when have moderatly gifted children actually needed special-made computers and software?

[via:Maija Haavisto]

6 February 2009

Ze Frank’s voice drawing toy

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the show


16 January 2009

Castle of Horror by German Hage design by Loup 2000 pieces jigsaw puzzle sadomasochistic porn sold by Stockmann in Finland

Stockmann’s children’s department sells S&M inspired jigsaw puzzle

Stockmann is a major department store chain in Finland. More details in HBL (Google translation).

For some reason, the puzzle has been removed from sale by Stockmann, but it’s available on at least Amazon DE and Amazon UK‘s product page has a “not yet available” message.


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