8 December 2009

Beatles 3000 offers a quick intro to the Beatles, from a distant future archeological point of view. Direct Youtube link.

As link master Andy points out, this really feels a lot like Idiocracy.


13 August 2009

new york times on the creation of the beatles rock band here comes the sun art beatles characters

New York Times discusses the creation of “The Beatles: Rock Band”

A few videos and slide shows with elaborate notes and included.

The Beatles in video games has been discussed on this site before.


23 June 2008

The Beatles’ and/or their music to appear in video games?

“SPECULATION IS RIFE that Apple Corps is interested in creating a video game based around the Beatles music catalogue. It’s a good bet that mobile versions are in the offing, too.

According to a report in the FT, two companies are currently the front runners for getting the rights to the Beatles games – MTV Games and Activision.

The story also mentioned that Apple Corps had been approached by a number of parties “including from mobile phone carriers.””

That’s Apple, not Apple.

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