23 December 2009

4chan founder moot to speak at TED2010

Christopher “moot” Poole started 4chan in 2003 by buying server space with his mom’s credit card. He was 15 at the time.

EDIT: The talk is online now.

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9 December 2009

James Howard Kunstler sounds a bit shouty at times, but he delivers funny food of thought in his TED talk “The tragedy of suburbia” (#). Kunstler discusses crimes against humanity within urban planning in the USA after WWII as it occurs in both cities and suburban landscapes.

You often hear people get quite poetic and fuzzy about what’s wrong with suburbia and cities in the USA and what works in places with actual character (“omg Paris!1!”). Kunstler gets specific and manages to put a finger on things most thinking humans have noticed but only moan aimlessly about.

Link: Youtube.

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28 July 2009

Dan Ariely on irrational decision making

An important video for those of you who worship the illusions of choice and free will. More about the speaker. #

EDIT: another Ariely talk on cheating and stealing #.


5 December 2008

Wired magazine founder predicting the machine and entity of the future Web

Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired speculating about the Hivemind International that’s just around the corner. Video recording from EG 2007.

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