25 March 2010

Manpacks – A subscription service for socks, t-shirts, and underwear

[via:Abraham Williams]

13 January 2010

in case of an emergency cut along the dotted line japanese seppuku harakiri t-shirt, the ritual suicide by disembowelment

Seppuku inspired t-shirt design

It says “In case of an emergency cut along the dotted line.”


25 March 2009

Hero Within, T-Shirt design by MW82, knight with video game controller facing dragon

Hero Within

Awesomeness by Mikko Walamies (MW82). T-shirt here.


29 January 2009

In Self Defense: t-shirt from 200 Nipples limited edition by Jason Spencer of Killer Napkins

In Self Defense

More awesome, increasingly disturbing stuff on the designer’s own site.

22 December 2008


Contains 15.8% more awesome than Zombo.com.

9 July 2008

Prepare to be disappointed Obama T-shirt

New smart t-shirt by rstevens, the guy behind Diesel Sweeties, the pixelated webcomic. (Related: read about Obama’s recent moves towards conservative assclownery, or as some may put it, willingness to become electable)

Rstevens of Dieswelsweeties\' new Obama \"Dare to Hope. Prepare to be Disappointed\" T-shirt

Still a lesser evil, I suppose.


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