8 August 2008

The Top Ten Stupidest Ideas on Flickr

Stupid: Firing fireworks from a bucket on someone's head

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25 July 2008

UK Police department releasing stupid emergency calls on Youtube

The most mind numbingly stupid of these must be the call in which a woman asks what year the Internet started, but other fine examples include a man complaining about his wife leaving him without food and another man being angry at insufficient public transportation.

The Avon and Somerset Police Youtube profile.


8 July 2008

All-Time Classic Creationist Pwnage

Richard Lenski is a biologist who recently found evidence for the emergence of new traits among E.coli bacteria, in a fascinating experiment which he has described in a paper in PNAS (best lay coverage here). His results look a bit like evolution. You will note that his paper includes the original data.

Andrew Schlafly is a startlingly predictable right wing christian activist who runs Conservapedia. I highly recommend a look around there if you’ve not already had the pleasure, because even the people who run Conservapedia find it hard to tell whether the edits are being made by god-fearing americans or naughty satirists.

Schlafly read Lenski. He got angry. He demanded the original data. It was pointed out to him that the original data was in the paper. He demanded the original data again. With menaces.

The following exchange is mirrored humbly and verbatim in case of disappearance. It represents pwnage on a scale most of us can only dream of.

3 July 2008

$20,000 Spy Camera Disguised as Garbage Thrown Out With The Trash

“A spy camera hidden in a black bag beside a notorious UK “fly-tipping” (or illegal waste dumping in the King’s English) hot spot was recently thrown out by local workers with the other garbage. Apparently, this operation was so top secret that the workers in question did not need to know the details before being sent off to pick up the trash. To make matters worse, the camera has been valued at somewhere between $14 and $20,000.”

18 June 2008

Over on Overcoming Bias, Eliezer wrote:

“At this point, I shall take a moment to quote some case studies from the Computer Stupidities site and Programming subtopic. (I am not linking to this, because it is a fearsome time-trap; you can Google if you dare.)

I’m not as kind. Direct link.

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