12 November 2010

Keep Calm And Stroke The Furry Wall - a variation of the old British World War II propaganda poster 'Keep Calm And Carry On'

Keep Calm And Stroke The Furry Wall – a variation of the British World War II propaganda poster “Keep Calm And Carry On”.

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20 January 2010

Save IE6!

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14 October 2009

the damned company by elliott d rosewater and wj galt book cover

The Damned Company

…by Elliott D. Rosewater and W.J. Galt. [Amazon]

“Turning the business fable on its head, the Damned Company is a farcical tour of Corporate Hell. Based loosely on Dante’s Inferno […]”


17 January 2009

Hitler’s subtitles ruined by a cheap font collection CD

Late last year, some custom subtitled versions of a scene in Der Untergang spawned on Youtube. The font CD one and “Banned on Wikipedia” are the only funny ones I found.

Der Untergang (en: Downfall) is of course a master-piece of epic sadness. Those who can’t handle 2+ hours of bunker drama, should at least watch the original English subtitled version of the scene spoofed above.


28 December 2008


Hilarious Ladybird book photoshop: How It Works …. The Computer

…in which we learn that only women may feed computers.

See also: The Ladybird Book of the Policeman

4 October 2008

rpg card child porn block list censorship gekkibi irc-galleria estolista

rpg card pirate party rermoves harmful political cards piraattipuolue irc-galleria

rpg card google it gekkibi irc-galleria

Pirate Party, Google and Internet “child porn” censorship cards by Gekkibi.

19 September 2008

Modern Video Game Cover Art Re-Interpreted In Style of Atari 2600

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10 August 2008

The Dark Knight – Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof

“Alternate take of Batman and the Joker’s first conversation in The Dark Knight. […] I play the Joker, and I play Batman. Same guy. I did everything except punch myself in the face”


Reminds me of this weird animation. The tune is from some Brazilian pop song if I remember correctly.

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