13 January 2010

E-mail on space stations delivered in Outlook OST files



16 October 2009

The evolution of the International Space Station

[via:Olli Sulopuisto]

24 September 2009

Unambiguous evidence of water on the surface of the moon


30 August 2009

How Many People Are In Space Right Now?


31 January 2009

A comparison between a flame on Earth and a flame in a microgravity environment

Flame on Earth vs. flame in microgravity environment (NASA photo)


13 September 2008

‘Water bears’/Tardigrades are first animal to survive space vacuum

“Water bears, also known as tardigrades, are known for their virtual indestructibility on Earth. The creatures can survive intense pressures, huge doses of radiation, and years of being dried out.”


27 August 2008

Computer virus reaches the International Space Station (ISS)


25 July 2008

NASA opens up huge photo and video archive for public use

The site is a collaboration between NASA and the Internet Archive. The collection is not copyrighted and can be used freely.


22 July 2008

Video: artist creating amazing cosmic spray paint art

A deceivingly simple technique resulting in detailed space scenery.

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