11 November 2010

The video walks you through the step of downloading your profile information from Facebook, including your posts and messaging. Please keep in mind that this is a subset of the data about you that Facebook stores. Every click on the site is retained.

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10 November 2010

Street smart Facebook stalking prevention strategies

Deactivation and deletion doesn’t prevent participation.


17 June 2010

IT staffing firm TEKsystems Inc. sues former employee over LinkedIn activity


1 June 2010

How Facebook will win the Internet and why that scares the shit out of me

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30 May 2010

Steve Gibson: Facebook and the Ford Pinto

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27 April 2010

Spotify 0.4.3 sports local file playback support and social, sharing features, including tight Facebook integration. #

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9 February 2010

Google Buzz tries to emulate Facebook inside Gmail

…while Facebook is about to replace its inbox with a full featured Gmail clone. Blag.

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12 January 2010

Anonymous Facebook employee: All user interactions logged, employees can access anything, privileges commonly misused

“If you look in your type-ahead search, and you press “A,” or just one letter, a list of your best friends shows up. It’s no longer organized alphabetically, but by the person you interact with most, your “best friends,” or at least those whom we have concluded you are best friends with.”

They’re also redoing the site in a compiled version of PHP to reduce web frontend CPU load by 80%.

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22 November 2009

Depressed woman on sick leave loses insurance over cheerful Facebook photos

She was partying on doctor’s orders.


25 October 2009

Math Overflow, a Questions and Answers site for math problems

Implemented using the platform of Stack Overflow, a Q&A board for programming topics. Beats any old-type forums or wiki sites, they have among other things, an addicting reputation and badge system inspired by Xbox Live.


3 October 2009

Stalking Facebook users with strict privacy settings

This is important, so I’ll try to explain the linked article: The API is what applications and developers use. Applications on Facebook run with their users’ privileges: applications can see anything their users can.

To put it simply: Facebook allows anyone capable of writing, say, a simple but alluring questionnaire access to stuff most users probably think of as visible to friends and site admins only.

All Internet users who think of sharing information on Facebook and the Internet in general as being “kind of private”, should familiarize themselves with data mining. Except for when you forget to log off a service or leave your computer unlocked, the real privacy issues are rarely about what someone is able to see while browsing your inbox for a few minutes. It’s all about what profiling information can be collected over time and which patterns are identifiable in heaps of data.


30 September 2009


Lame and awkward posts from Facebook. Hilarious.


23 August 2009

What Do Facebook Quizzes, Apps Know About You?

Slashdot’s summary says it all:

“A Facebook app[/quiz/whatever] can get its grubby little hands on [lots of stuff] by recursively sweeping through your friends list, pulling all their info and posts, and showing it to you. What’s more, apps can get at your information even if you never run the app yourself. Facebook apps run with the access privileges of the user running it, so anything your friend can see, the app they’re running can see, too.”

See also: Facebook Quiz about Facebook Privacy, or the lack thereof.


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