30 January 2011

Tornionyymi hakkeroi itä-Uudenmaan Kyläportaali Östra Nylands byportal kotilauta.fi: tornionyymi koodas Kusaban ja Youtuben ja Northpolen toi Internetin, keksi selibaatin, mensan, alkuräjähdys

HS.fi: Kotilaudan tornionyymi hakkeroi kyläyhdistyksen kotisivut

Otin Itä-Uudenmaan kyläyhdistyksen hakkeroidusta sivustosta pari ruudunkaappausta: Etusivu ja Astrid Thors.

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15 January 2011

Grand Theft Auto IV: Frictionless

You’ll get GTA IV to go insane beyond Carmageddon or Postal by configuring wheel friction to a negative number. You wouldn’t play any game missions using this very easy mod, but going on some bat shit insane rampages is a compulsory part of all GTA games anyway. I’ll definitely try this at some point for this very purpose.

On the Windows version, this friction free effect can be achieved by editing the handling.dat file in your GTA 4 folder (the default is “C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV”), by reducing the value “wbias” to around -9 for each vehicle.

Here’s another video, and for the bandwidth impaired, some modest screenshots illustrating the dangers of having cars bounce around urban areas (1, 2, 3).


10 October 2009


Sixteen minutes and fifty seconds into the movie: Trinity watches a still sleeping Neo get arrested. She doesn’t see Neo’s dream directly, but through the round rear-view mirror on her motor bike. The little dream orb is another world of sorts within The Matrix.

Everyone should watch this film properly intoxicated at least once.

5 June 2009

How do I etid the HomePage

Celebrating corporate e-mail culture

Outlook plus abominable legalese, slogan and motivational goo plagued e-mail templates; Few things represent the lack of aesthetics and beauty in corporate culture as well as all big companies’ favored tool of purely unmanageable communications.

Also: NDA footers.

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