5 January 2009

Internet trolls review $500 bullshit hi-fi ethernet cable on Amazon
Internet trolls review $500 Denon-branded bullshit “hi-fi” ethernet cable on Amazon

Original link to screenshot page (worked at the time of posting). Found in the darkest corners of IRC.

30 November 2008

Finnish Google translation weirdness (“Haista kuule vittu” – “Hear the shark fucking”)

Worked for me (23:30 EET 2008-11-30)

[via:Viralliset linkit]

17 November 2008

Offworld, Boing Boing’s new gaming blog

That web design is so retro it makes me want to eat mushrooms.


19 September 2008

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2008: Google translated to pirate talk

15 September 2008

WolfenFlickr 3D – Wolfenstein 3D / Flickr JavaScript Mashup

A Wolfenstein 3D level with Flickr photos from a user account or search query instead of nazi art covering the walls. Explained in detail on the developer’s blog.


13 September 2008

ScribeFire, a Firefox extension based blog editor

I’m currently trying out ScribeFire. I’ve tried blogging clients such as MS’ surprisingly good Windows Live Writer before. So far I’ve kept myself to WordPress’ built in editor, which works increasingly well thanks to auto-saving and revision control, but having a text editor supporting drag and drop etc. as a browser extension seems worth trying out as a way to make publishing easier and faster.

Although all the major bits and pieces are in place, I miss a few things. So far mainly that WordPress’ own preview system isn’t employed, and that the editor doesn’t fetch WordPress’ different sized copies of images; these could be missing features in the current version, or impossible to impelement using WordPress current APIs, I don’t know. I won’t use ScribeFire (or Windows Live Writer) for posting, but these tools are probably worth a try (and they both support a whole bunch of blogging services).


8 September 2008

Google Chrome’s Tubular Easter Eggs



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