30 August 2010

Pirate, warez scener, Fairlight founder, GOP chairman

[via:Tero Inha]

26 May 2010

The Republicans’ new Web site is not exactly what they hoped it would be.

[via:Hacker News]

14 May 2010

The Tea Party Jacobins (essay on recent American libertarian populism)


20 April 2010

New Tory campaign poster – let’s cut benefits


16 September 2009

Racism in the background of US anti healthcare reform movement?

The article is more than a little partisan, but still an interesting facepalm inducing read.


10 February 2009

Indian right-wing org to receive pink underwear for Valentine’s day after attack on female bar customers

See also: Facebook group, Sri Ram Sena.

1 September 2008

Palin’s 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant

Ha Ha.

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