12 March 2011

The got crucified for Jesus sins. LOL. The Sheep didn't go to the mountain of doom this time.

I captured this gem at the Helsinki railway station.

26 January 2011

Vatican officials told Irish not to report child abuse

BBC’s story.

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11 January 2011

Shneur Kesselman, hatbrottsförföljd detroitfödd ortodox chassidistjude bosatt i Malmo i södra Sverige

Hatbrott har blivit vardag för Detroitfödde Shneur Kesselman.

Sydsvenskans artikel Malmöbon som inte kan röra sig fritt ger en översikt av nutida och traditionell svensk antisemitism och ett personporträtt av Malmös synligaste chasidistiska jude.

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16 July 2010

Secret of AA: After 75 Years, We Don’t Know How It Works

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7 July 2010

The Egg and The Damnation of Richard Gillman are two well written short stories on metaphysics, religion and afterlife. Damnation… has been around for years, while The Egg is more recent and circulated on 4chan for a while.

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12 March 2010

Chief exorcist says Devil is in Vatican

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26 February 2010

An intense, personal story about sexual abuse

Tech writer Joel Johnson tells the world about his family. Religion included, of course.


4 February 2010

Scientologists in Haiti: A Firsthand Account

“”Their idea was to use the ton of money they had to buy food to distribute when they got there. But there was no food and no water. That was the point.””

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17 November 2009

Ugandan Pastor Kiweweesi, aka Pastor Kiwewesi, In Bum Sex Scandal - Boy Drags Flashy Man Of God To Police For Terrorising His Buttocks With Monster Whopper

Hilarious African sodomy scandal headline

Best headline this year according to the Internet at large. Also, learn to appreciate your local, slightly higher quality news media while it lasts. Here’s a related newspaper article.

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9 November 2009

Bibletastic: illustrated deconstruction of weird bible passages


30 October 2009

Australian Atheists to DDOS attack God by simultaneous prayer

Link to AFA‘s Facebook event.

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25 October 2009

A foldable Lego replica of the Kinkaku-ji Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto. (#)

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Selection of immigration related front page headlines in British tabloids


23 October 2009

rewording parody of mcnaughtons one nation under god samples christian minister black soldier christa mcaullife

Rewording of Jon McNaughton’s One Nation Under God

This is another parody of Utah artist Jon McNaughton’s creepy painting with a theocratic vibe. We get a thorough rewrite of the original’s explanations of the motif, with the nice JavaScript scroller and all. I keep my own backup copies of the original and this parody.

I recently discovered a less subtle, Cthulhu themed parody of the painting as well.


17 October 2009

mcnaughton fine art one nation under god parody jesus as cthulhu with blood and monsters

One Nation Under Cthulhu McNaughton parody

The picture (origin unknown) delivers Lovecraft-inspired parody of a “One Nation Under God” themed painting that has floated around the Internet for some time.

To fully grasp the madness of this work, read the original’s very elaborate explanations and feel that theocratic rage scare the shit out of you (Backup copy). Yeah, these people are allowed to vote.

EDIT: Found another parody.


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