Youtube to end support for Internet Explorer 6

More major sites should be doing the same.

Internet Explorer, even the later versions, is one of the things keeping me from bothering to learn any serious web coding. For instance, as of today, this website will not render properly even in IE8, at least pages with embedded flash videos.

I personally find the whole idea of The Redmond Clown Computing Company fucktards slowly being forced by the market to develop one, single product involving standard compliance somewhat hilarious. Microsoft’s market dominance is centered around giving business software buyers what they want in theory while smugly defecating on end users and usability. These shitheads are holding the technology industry back by not simply switching IE to Webkit.

BTW, end users who aren’t looking for anything specific in a web browser should be switched to Chrome. I’m getting seriously tired of Firefox myself, but I’m staying with it for the extensions (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).