12 November 2010

Keep Calm And Stroke The Furry Wall - a variation of the old British World War II propaganda poster 'Keep Calm And Carry On'

Keep Calm And Stroke The Furry Wall – a variation of the British World War II propaganda poster “Keep Calm And Carry On”.

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29 September 2010

Affisch från folkomröstningen om totalförbud mot alkoholdrycker 1922. 'Kräftor Kräva dessa drycker! Du måste avstå från kräftor om du icke röstar NEJ den 27 Augusti. Albert Engström'

Vi har en sånhär affish på sommarstugan.

Se även: Folkomröstningen om rusdrycksförbud i Sverige 1922.

1 June 2010

What does Israel fear from media coverage?

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20 May 2010

Boing Boing noticed the Finnish record industry’s regrettable new anti-piracy mascot. It’s so bad I’m posting it now only because Doctorow found it funny.


8 October 2009

Breathe Deep And Let Go Of Things

☸ Breathe Deep And Let Go Of Things
(Flickr photo, t-shirt). Inspired by this, which in turn was inspired by a WWII era British propaganda poster (buy).

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21 August 2009

Movie trailer: Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story” (720p)

According to Wikipedia, the film centers on the financial crisis of 2007-2009, the transition from the Bush administration to the Obama administration, and the stimulus and bailout package. IMDb link, official site, Apple trailers. The US theater release date is set to October 2.


13 October 2008

Ars Technica reviews “Night of Bush Capturing” (islamist propaganda game)

The following Youtube video of the “final boss” is included in the review.


28 July 2008

Flat Earth News: lies, distortions and propaganda in journalism

“In Flat Earth News [book], award-winning journalist Nick Davies takes the lid off newspapers and broadcasters, exposing the mechanics of falsehood, distortion and propaganda; naming names and telling the stories behind stories.”

See also: book review in The Guardian and the author’s comments on his research for the book.

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22 July 2008

Stoppa TV-piraterna

En svensk tv-reklam (producerad av STOP, Scandinavian Tv-Organisations against Piracy) som förknippar försäljning av knäckta betal-tvdekoderkort med droghandel och människosmuggling. Utgivningsdatum okänt för tillfället.

“Att knäcka en digitaltv-kod är ett jobb för en HACKER! Men organiserade ligor säljer piratkorten. Att sälja kort är bara ett sätt för dem att tjäna sina pengar. När du köper ett pirat-tv-kort stöder du därför: droghandlare! och människosmugglare!!. Vad skulle dina barn säga om de visste vem du gav dina pengar till?? STOPPA TV-Piraterna!”

7 July 2008

The New Pyramid of the Capitalist System

This has been all over the Internet for the last week or so, but I haven’t been able to figure out where it’s from (the images link to full size versions).

The New Pyramid of the Capitalist System

Whoever made this was obviously thinking of classic posters such as the one below.

Pyramid of Capitalist System, old propaganda poster


2 July 2008

1917 US propaganda: Gee!! I wish I were a man, I’d join the Navy.

“A WWI recruiting poster from 1917 by artist Howard Chandler Christy showing a young woman in a Navy uniform: “Gee!! I wish I were a man, I’d join the Navy. Be a man and do it. United States Navy recruiting station.””

29 June 2008

A gallery of 35 anti-U.S. Chinese political cartoons (circa 1958-1960)

“Culled and restored from reviewing hundreds of Eastern newspaper pages and illustrations, this set of 35 images represents what we consider the best late 50s editorial cartoons (Manhua) from China and Indochina. Set during a time of escalating western imperialism, these images react against U.S. military actions in Laos and Vietnam, and represent a unique moment of political commentary. It seems to be a hidden history, too. It’s with some pride that we indicate most of these comics have never before been re-published, and even fewer have ever been exhibited or documented for U.S. audiences.”

Video: Hilarious 1965 American anti-porn propaganda

“Perversion For Profit” attempts to link pornography and perversion of innocent children to the decay of American society. Part one is embedded below.

Watch: Perversion for Profit (part 1)

Watch: Perversion for Profit (part 2)


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