17 March 2010

A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux


25 February 2010

Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial

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3 February 2010

Facebook releases HipHop for PHP


5 December 2009

ack – a grep replacing search tool

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23 April 2009

Syntax Highlighting i GNU Nano

Ännu en typisk vett & sanssparande, Captain Obvious grej som jag av någon anledning aldrig orkat googla fram på ett par sekunder. Kod för hilighting av fler språk, inklusive PHP, finns på Linuxhelps Wiki.


9 January 2009

A series of articles explaining how to do source control and the best practices thereof

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12 September 2008

StackOverflow.com (beta) is made of distilled awesome

Stack Overflow will be a questions & answers site for programmers. A reputation/experience points and “bagdes” system comparable to those of online gaming systems are what’s supposed to drive people to the service, making the intended audience (easily distracted programmer types) forget about their jobs and ruining their lives further.

In addition to giving social advantages to people who ask good questions and give useful answers, the innovation of the system is described as a mix of features from digg/reddit voting sites, wikis and forums. Most notably, the site is entirely usable for anonymous users, keeping it easy to ask questions quickly. The reputation-tracking accounts use OpenID.

The project’s blog is now offering a beta access code, giving anyone who’s interested access to the site before its launch next Monday. Having played with the site earlier in the beta stage, I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone who might need help with coding to take a look at this.

4 July 2008

Browser based art generator

Thanks to Aza Raskin, you can now generate one-click art using a simple, open source javascript tool in your browser. Demo video included.

Here’s an example of what can be done with this.

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21 June 2008

ASCII character pronunciation guides:

Shorter list of “programming specific” characters and synonyms:

All special ASCII characters: http://ascii-table.com/pronunciation-guide.php

18 June 2008

Over on Overcoming Bias, Eliezer wrote:

“At this point, I shall take a moment to quote some case studies from the Computer Stupidities site and Programming subtopic. (I am not linking to this, because it is a fearsome time-trap; you can Google if you dare.)

I’m not as kind. Direct link.

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