8 October 2009

The office of copyright nazi, French president Nicolas Sarkozy caught distributing pirated DVD copies


4 October 2009

UK Treasury about to force banks to lend in poorer communities?

“Bankers in visible pain” sounds like a nice concept, but this seems an awful lot like a socialized version of the lunacy that caused the subprime mortgage crisis (do watch the video)…

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28 September 2009

Fortune interviews Mark Whitacre, ADM price-fixing whistleblower and compulsive liar

Whitacre discusses bipolar disorder, prison, his marriage, lying to Fortune in an earlier interview and Steven Soderbergh’s new film, “The Informant!” where his person is presented by Matt Damon. The book on which “The Informant!” is based comes highly recommended.


23 September 2009

Neil Young – Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World (Saturday Night Live, September 1989)

A classic TV live performance of the anti-Bush anthem of the late 80’s.

16 September 2009

Racism in the background of US anti healthcare reform movement?

The article is more than a little partisan, but still an interesting facepalm inducing read.


2 September 2009

Jail threat for Azerbaijani authors of satirical donkey video

Youtube link.


21 August 2009

Republicans and the triumph of unreason in a post-Obama USA

“Something strange has happened in America in the nine months since Barack Obama was elected. It has best been summarised by the comedian Bill Maher: “The Democrats have moved to the right, and the Republicans have moved to a mental hospital.””


Deadly accidents and other weirdness in the deregulated US helicopter ambulance industry

The real WTF appears on page four:

“To shore up support among local fire, emergency medical service and hospital workers — who often control which helicopter team is requested for a patient — marketing teams have offered NASCAR tickets and hosted riverboat cruises, company e-mails and interviews show.

Some helicopter crews pass out T-shirts and bottle coolers at accident scenes. “I like to look out at a scene and see a Wings cap out there,” said Steve Lewis, a base manager for Wings Air Rescue in Johnson City, Tenn.”


19 August 2009

Finnish Pirate Party now officially registered

The party was founded in May 2008. The delay of registering it as an entity allowed to nominate candidates can mostly be explained by activists having to go through the trouble of collecting 5,000 manually signed singatures on paper cards before being able to apply for recognition as this type of organization.

Also: Piraattipuolue’s press release in Finnish, HS’ original news item in Finnish, Ministry of Justice’s news bulletin, the Finnish National Broadcasting Company mentions this briefly in English, Wikipedia. The Party now has a press release in English.

2 August 2009

Do crabs have rights?


27 July 2009

Person responsible for most food-related illness and death in history appointed US food safety czar

Make believe Change.

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25 July 2009

Russian business lobby wants to ban Skype to protect “national security”, telecom industry


24 July 2009

Richard Stallman on the Swedish Pirate Party’s potential negative impact on Free Software

See also: rms


14 July 2009

Hamas claims Israeli intelligence service is dumping libido increasing, youth corrupting chewing gum in Gaza



13 July 2009

Enjoy Freedom, based on Coca-Cola's logo

Enjoy Freedom

By Nelg in response to a friend being freed from military and civilian service. Low-res PNG, original.

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