14 February 2011

ACCESSION 2011 LENNU EDUSKUNTAAN (C64) is an election campaign ad for Lennu (Len Merikanto) of the demo group Accession and the Pirate Party. There’s a parliamentary election taking place in Finland on the 17:th of April this spring.

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28 December 2009

L.A. Times: Sweden’s Pirate Party battles Web laws

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18 December 2009

Swedish Pirate Party launches instance of the Etherpad open source code

The code was released by Google a few hours ago, Piratpartiet‘s announcement is published over here (Google translation).

The original Etherpad service had in a short time become a killer application for collaborative work within at least the Swedish, and according to my personal experience, in the Finnish Pirate Party as well. Google’s initial plan was probably to use Etherpad’s tech with Wave and to shut down the original service entirely.

The Etherpad open source project is available here.

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20 October 2009

Rick Falkvinge: Open letter to the music industry

“This, of course, brings our agreement into question. If other providers are offering to perform the same service — creating music — without the cost that you have charged, in terms of a life-plus-70-years-monopoly, then we, as the legislators, are going to renegotiate the terms of that agreement.”

“We won’t be negotiating new terms with you, of course. No, we’ll be negotiating new terms with our new suppliers and just terminate the contract with you, as is the norm in any business.”

19 August 2009

Finnish Pirate Party now officially registered

The party was founded in May 2008. The delay of registering it as an entity allowed to nominate candidates can mostly be explained by activists having to go through the trouble of collecting 5,000 manually signed singatures on paper cards before being able to apply for recognition as this type of organization.

Also: Piraattipuolue’s press release in Finnish, HS’ original news item in Finnish, Ministry of Justice’s news bulletin, the Finnish National Broadcasting Company mentions this briefly in English, Wikipedia. The Party now has a press release in English.

27 July 2009

Oikeusministeriö muuttamassa lakia, joka estää yhdistysten vuosikokouksiin osallistumisen netissä

“…oikeusministeri Tuija Brax (vihr) myöntää, että “kansalaistoiminnan perustuslakia”, yhdistyslakia, on pakko muuttaa nuorten yhteiskunnallisen aktiivisuuden nostamiseksi. […] Piraattipuolueen puheenjohtajan Pasi Palmulehdon mielestä netin ja myös sähköisen äänestämisen salliminen yhdistysten vuosikokouksissa olisi pitänyt toteuttaa jo vuosikymmen sitten.”

24 July 2009

Richard Stallman on the Swedish Pirate Party’s potential negative impact on Free Software

See also: rms


2 May 2009

Pirate Party banned from Germany’s largest social networking site


4 October 2008

rpg card child porn block list censorship gekkibi irc-galleria estolista

rpg card pirate party rermoves harmful political cards piraattipuolue irc-galleria

rpg card google it gekkibi irc-galleria

Pirate Party, Google and Internet “child porn” censorship cards by Gekkibi.

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