26 January 2011

Vatican officials told Irish not to report child abuse

BBC’s story.

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24 August 2010

CIA LSD experiment?: The hallucination incident in Pont-Saint-Esprit

17 July 2010

Vesiviljelyyn erikoistunut puutarhayritys ja työntekijät saa syytteitä kannabiksen käytön edistämisestä

Katso myös: Viherpeukun suljettu kauppa.

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14 June 2010

UK music industry lobbyist Fran Nevrkla calls for death penalty for piracy


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2 June 2010

Israeli Knesset member rejects navy account of attack

She added that within minutes of the raid beginning, three bodies had been brought to the main room on the upper deck in which she and most other passengers were confined. Two had gunshot wounds to the head, in what she suggested had been executions.”

…and of course:

“Tuesday right-wing parties launched their first attacks on Ms Zoubi, demanding the revocation of her immunity and her expulsion from the parliament. Danny Danon, a member of the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, called for her to be “tried for treason””

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1 June 2010

What does Israel fear from media coverage?

Related: Israel Global PR

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26 May 2010

Ireland’s largest ISP to cut off net access of alleged file sharers

“The European Parliament has been talking about internet access as a basic human right. It absolutely is not.” — Dick Doyle, Director general, Irish Recorded Music Association

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15 March 2010

According to Wikileaks, US Intelligence planned to destroy the service (pdf document).

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6 March 2010

Wired: Cyberwar Hype Intended to Destroy the Open Internet

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24 February 2010

The tech behind the Pennsylvania school laptop spying case

This provides some new details to the story from last week on how the Lower Merion School District/Harriton High School used compulsory school laptops to monitor students at home. Some network admin named Mike Perbix is the evil fucktard responsible for maintaining the school district sanctioned installation of LANRev/Absolute Manage, a very comprehensive (but insecurely built) software package used for monitoring the school provided Macbooks.

The story was uncovered after a student was suspended for “using drugs” at home, based on a photo taken with the laptop’s built in webcam. The student was eating candy.


3 February 2010

Hugo Chávez requests Laws to control the Internet

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7 January 2010

Canadian gov’t orders takedown of websites parodying climate policy

Even more bizarre: the shiteater ISP disabled 4500 unrelated ip adresses.

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23 December 2009

TVkaistan tomitusjohtaja kommentoi poliisitutkimukseksi kasvanutta kiistaa Suomen ainoasta järkevästa TV-palvelusta

Kuten jo tiedämme, vanhoillis-medioilla on jotain sitä vastaan, että ihmiset nauttivat heidän tuotteista ei-kelvottomassa formaatissa.

15 December 2009

Rolling Stone/Matt Taibbi: Obama sold out to Wall Street

“There’s no other way to say it: Barack Obama, a once-in-a-generation political talent whose graceful conquest of America’s racial dragons en route to the White House inspired the entire world, has for some reason allowed his presidency to be hijacked by sniveling, low-rent shitheads.”

After being elected, Obama basically gave everyone from his “change” campaign dead end jobs. All the important posts went to insiders from the same financial giants, that through “bailout” laws now have been granted free money every time and no matter how badly they fuck up themselves and the system.

If you’re not easily tricked into reading longer articles, have a look at the video summary. Taibbi‘s recent writing is highly recommended reading, his style is very readable and entertaining but maintains a striking contrast to the usual correct, bullshit-plagued financial and political reporting.

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Think twice before taking your laptop to Israel

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