10 February 2010

Streetview Finland – Where were you when Finland was Googled?

A blog collecting snaphots from Google Street View, which recently released summery scenery from Finland. Lots of sign language and such.


19 January 2010

Dunbar’s number: the number of people we are capable of giving a shit about

22 October 2009

Liten Gubbe: small plastic figure holding giant apple to be shot off head william tell

Small plastic people in terrible danger

Mostly in Swedish, but the pics say enough. Link to example.


30 September 2009


Lame and awkward posts from Facebook. Hilarious.


8 August 2008

The Top Ten Stupidest Ideas on Flickr

Stupid: Firing fireworks from a bucket on someone's head

Related (from the same blog): 8 Youths Who Require Closer Supervision, on Flickr


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