24 February 2010

The tech behind the Pennsylvania school laptop spying case

This provides some new details to the story from last week on how the Lower Merion School District/Harriton High School used compulsory school laptops to monitor students at home. Some network admin named Mike Perbix is the evil fucktard responsible for maintaining the school district sanctioned installation of LANRev/Absolute Manage, a very comprehensive (but insecurely built) software package used for monitoring the school provided Macbooks.

The story was uncovered after a student was suspended for “using drugs” at home, based on a photo taken with the laptop’s built in webcam. The student was eating candy.


13 December 2009

Swedish law draft: police and domestic intelligence to gain rights for automatic ‘net wiretapping

Did any silly sod believe even for a minute that the wiretapping rights actually wouldn’t be expanded from the Swedish military intelligence to domestic agencies? Because, you know, it is the Russian internet traffic that was so crucially important to capture?

Also, an article in Svenska Dagbladet (in Swedish).


23 September 2009

Data on all UK adults dealing with children in any organized manner to be screened, stored in database


6 July 2009

Video: UK anti-surveillance activist arrested for asking a policeman for his badge number


22 February 2009

London Police Seek To Install CCTV In Pubs


30 December 2008

China using tens of thousands of paid “internet commentators” to control public opinion

5 December 2008

Jukka Hankamäki: Hallitus syö yksityisyyden suojaa

“Tuija Brax mokasi jo sähköisen äänestyksen kanssa, ja tässä olisi toinen syy hänen eroonsa. On huolestuttavaa, että Suomessa ministeri joutuu eromaan, jos hän tekstailee vapaa-aikanaan stripparille, mutta perustuslain rikkomiseen tähtäävää ministeriä ei potkaista pois virasta. Lähdön paikka olisi ollut myös muutamilla muilla naiskiintiöministereillä, kuten Suvi Lindénillä ja Anne Holmlundilla, kuten olen jo aiemmin todennut.”


30 November 2008

Dutch minister plans to establish child health care dossier with data such as pubic hair, condom use and smoking habits

“A dossier will be kept of all children up to the age of 19 who come into contact with youth health care services. Routvoet [Dutch Youth and Family Minister] wants to prevent the authorities from ‘losing sight of them’. […] There are special codes for ‘no pubic hair’, ‘light or dark hair’, or ‘curly hair’.”

See also: Alt. link, original article in Dutch (Google translation), The Minister of Pubic Affairs.

[via:No Agenda]

25 August 2008

CCTV/surveillance camera swastica graffiti art (Shoreditch, London, UK)

Found on Cory Doctorow’s flickr.

The image includes the name of a mysterious site.


14 August 2008

UK Gov’t Proposes Massive Internet Snooping, Data Storage


29 June 2008

Microsoft leading development of police state utilities

On his Wired Mag blog, security expert Bruce Schneier writes the following about the development of “kill switches”, different remote shutdown abilities planned for e.g. vehicles, airplanes and consumer technology:

“Microsoft is doing some of the most creative thinking along these lines, with something it’s calling “Digital Manners Policies.” According to its patent application, DMP-enabled devices would accept broadcast “orders” limiting capabilities. Cellphones could be remotely set to vibrate mode in restaurants and concert halls, and be turned off on airplanes and in hospitals. … This is really about media companies wanting to exert their control further over your electronics. They not only want to prevent you from surreptitiously recording movies and concerts, they want your new television to enforce good “manners” on your computer, and not allow it to record any programs.”

28 June 2008

U.S. and Europe Near Agreement on Private Data

We’ll be out of privacy soon. How cool isn’t that?

“The United States and the European Union are nearing completion of an agreement allowing law enforcement and security agencies to obtain private information — like credit card transactions, travel histories and Internet browsing habits — about people on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. … The potential agreement … would represent a diplomatic breakthrough for American counterterrorism officials”

Video: London deputied volunteers (“pretend cops”) bully videographer

“Watch the London community support officers (they’re not real cops, but deputied volunteers who fancy themselves real ones) as they confront a videographer who has the temerity to take footage of a public street. It starts with a sudden gloved hand over the camera lens, then it’s “give me a good reason why you’re filming,” then it’s on to “papers please”; and when the guy behind the camera, sensibly enough, asks under which law he’s not allowed to film there, the bully-boy hisses “shut up.””

I wonder if someone was having a bad day or if this is the general trend in the UK.


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