13 March 2010

collegehumor omg wwii on facebook what did you do with all the juice germany

A modern adaptation of world war II for the american teenager. Backup copy.

Related: I have eliminated all the juice.

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7 February 2010

Internet among Nobel Peace Prize nominees

About time.


30 August 2009

The Iraqi who saved Norway from oil

Financial Times explains how Farouk al-Kasim helped create government regulation that saved Norway from wasteful oil extraction and political corruption by foreign industry interests. Shock and horror: Unlike many other oil nations, Norway has actually saved money rather than fallen into debt.


5 July 2008

Josh Homme/QoTSA cussing incident and Norwegian Wood ’08 concert video

As made clear in this video of Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) cussing at some jackass at Norwegian Wood last month, it’s inadvisable to throw stuff at performing musicians.

I’ve delayed posting this as I wanted to include a good source of the whole (quite good) concert, I knew it was broadcasted on Norwegian public service tv. Recordings are available on TPB and for the moment, Youtube (add &fmt=18 to the the end of Youtube video urls to get higher resolution video and stereo sound). The cussing incident takes place the moments before No One Knows.

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