11 July 2010

Rupert Murdoch may be evil, but that doesn’t mean his paywall is

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17 November 2009

Extensive interview with Rupert Murdoch

From Sky News Australia, touches upon a lot of stuff from the Internet and the media to the global economy and its relation to the US and Australian immigration politics.

Regarding Murdoch’s views on Internet news: I’m the first to admit that my content consumption habits probably don’t reflect those of the general public. I don’t have any new ideas on how to support newspaper either. But I wouldn’t go back and manually read the New York Times Sunday mag. and be ready to pay small sums for it for it, I wouldn’t even know of it, if it wasn’t for content aggregators… Whether the content is free or not beyond the first paragraph, entirely avoiding to be indexed by Google doesn’t seem like a very good idea.

The Man is known for his fondness of giving consumers “choice.” So I simply don’t see the harm in readers or viewers coming in to content outlets from aggregators. I certainly have developed a sense of what I like, using aggregators or filters hasn’t affected my “loyalty” or trust towards content producers in any way other than me not necessarily skimming through all of a single publication in one sitting.

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24 July 2008

Apollo 14 Moonwalker Claims Aliens Exist

This is reported by News.com.au, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch/News Corp also owns 20th Century Fox, the studio about to release The X-Files: I Want To Believe in US theaters on Friday. COINCIDENCE?!!1eleven

(This is hardly relevant, RM probably owns enough of the English speaking world’s media to make it unlikely that any news is reported by an outlet not owned by News Corp)


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