1 April 2011

NASA presents an improved infrared image of the Milky Way core, from previous data gathered by the Spitzer Space Telescope in 2008. The original image is stitched from 800’000 images Spitzer took during five years. Printed, the image spans 120 by 3 feet, 6 feet at the core buldge. Even at this resolution, the image contains only about 50% of our galaxy.

You can view the complete zoomable image here: http://mipsgal.ipac.caltech.edu/iracmips_map.html

[via: spitzer.caltech.edu, nasa.gov]

13 January 2010

E-mail on space stations delivered in Outlook OST files



5 December 2009

Astronauts on Drugs


20 July 2009

Haynes NASA Apollo 11 Owners' Workshop Manual 1969 (including Saturn V, CM-107, SM-107, LM-5)

NASA Apollo 11 Owners’ Workshop Manual: 1969 (including Saturn V, CM-107, SM-107, LM-5)

This is not a joke, btw. Will be available on Amazon as well.

[via:The Joy of Tech]

31 January 2009

A comparison between a flame on Earth and a flame in a microgravity environment

Flame on Earth vs. flame in microgravity environment (NASA photo)


25 July 2008

NASA opens up huge photo and video archive for public use

The site is a collaboration between NASA and the Internet Archive. The collection is not copyrighted and can be used freely.


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