24 July 2008

Questions you can’t ask

“Questions you aren’t allowed to ask in modern political debate and polite society, that should be asked”

Also: “What you can’t say” by Paul Graham

[via:Hacker News]

5 July 2008

A guide to Satanic parenting

“It is not doubted that Satanists want what is best for their children the same as other parents probably do. Unlike many religious groups, however, there is no pressure for any religious involvement for the child. Quite the opposite, I have found many Satanists are more concerned about indoctrination (even by accident by themselves) of their child by any religious group, including the Satanists’ own beliefs.”

29 June 2008

Video: Hilarious 1965 American anti-porn propaganda

“Perversion For Profit” attempts to link pornography and perversion of innocent children to the decay of American society. Part one is embedded below.

Watch: Perversion for Profit (part 1)

Watch: Perversion for Profit (part 2)


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