1 November 2009

story behind photo of grieving chimps dorothy dead

The story behind a photo of grieving chimps


17 September 2009

Color blindness in monkeys cured with gene therapy


7 September 2009

Cotton-top tamarins grew calmer after they heard music compositions based on their own calm, friendly calls. But the monkeys became more agitated when University of Wisconsin-Madison psychology professor Charles Snowdon played music that contained elements of their own threatening or fearful calls.

Tamarins respond to music expressing monkey feelings: deep evolutionary roots for the musical elements of speech?

The catch is that they don’t care for “human” music. Tamarin optimized music samples are included with the article.

“…music based on soothing, friendly monkey calls tended to calm cotton-top tamarins, a species native of South America. Music based on fear and threat calls stimulated anxious behavior.”


17 January 2009

Bow, the grammatically correct chimpanzee

“Bow’s development shatters what everyone has believed so far about the cognitive abilities of chimpanzees.”

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27 June 2008

Apes get legal rights in Spain

“The Spanish parliament is to back legal rights for great apes, that’s gorillas, chimpanzees and orangs. The parliament’s environmental committee has thrown its weight behind the Great Ape Project, which aims to provide apes with a “the right to life, the freedom from arbitrary deprivation of liberty, and protection from torture”. As the resolution passed by the committee on Wednesday has cross-party support it is expected to become law, says Reuters, and experiments on great apes will be outlawed.”

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