29 June 2009

I can't bring a child into a world that doesn't have michael jackson? - my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and i finally found out i was last week. but now i am just so sad over the loss of michael jackson that i dont even think i can bring a baby into this world. my husband says he understands and supports me but i dont think he understands fully. i want to abort. i want to abort right now because michael jackson has died. should i tell my husband this? i dont want to sound crazy. will he support me?

From the cesspits of Yahoo! Answers: Is reproduction advisable in a post-Michael Jackson world?

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[via:Why the Fuck Do You Have A Kid]

26 June 2009

Perspektiv: generationen som växte upp med en icke-tokig Michael Jackson

Certified WTF: Michael Jackson’s video game career

The above link is a quite readable Google translation from Italian.

See also:
Youtube links 1, 2, Wikipedia article on the game series.

EDIT: Jean pointed out that Angry Video Game Nerd has an extensive review of one of the games. Beats the videos mentioned above.

31 August 2008

Michael Jackson at 50 without surgery (age enhanced childhood photo)

I normally avoid linking to half-witted fascists like Daily Mail, but celebrity stories are what these people do well.


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