22 February 2010

Metagames and Containers

Collecting and sorting links is one of my personal meta games.

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15 January 2010

This Is the Title of This Story, Which Is Also Found Several Times in the Story Itself

12 January 2010

The current status of Youtube video quality/fmt’s

I’ve been posting Youtube links with the &fmt=18 format parameter for some time (example), but it looks like I’ll be checking if a “35” version is available for all non-HD videos I publish here from now on. For HD material, I think I’ll default to &fmt=22 until I get faster hardware and more bandwidth.

If the video player’s HD or HQ button doesn’t light up when a video is loaded with a specific parameter, the requested version doesn’t exist.

There are lots of fmts, and not all work with every video … :
my %fmtdesc=(
37 => “1080p mp4 (full-screen HQ)”,
35 => “high flv”,
34 => “standard flv”,
22 => “720p mp4 (full-screen HQ)”,
18 => “medium mp4”,
17 => “mobile 3gp”,
6 => “high quality flv”,
5 => “low quality flv”
Only #18 seems to work when it is not listed in the fmt_map, all others must be listed in order to be supported. Also, my text descriptions may not be completely accurate.

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3 November 2009

Here’s a how-to on configuring Apache’s cache expiration headers with .htaccess (link).

I get noticeable performance gain through this. The article’s headers settings allow my host‘s caching service (Squid accelerators), to serve unexpired, static content to clients without first sending 304 requests back to Apache.

EDIT: Squid reverse proxy examples

4 October 2009

Meta warning: Site refinements

Recently, some unchanneled boredom of mine was focused on making omglog suck marginally less:

  • I spawned rudimentary archive listings,
  • …a meta page for this kind of technobabble,
  • …a post randomizer
  • …and an attempt at a coherent archive browsing by placing navigation links near the footer on both archive listings and single post pages:


I also cleaned up some copy. Man, writing uncluttered text is difficult, even more difficult than avoiding the horrors of blogging about blogging.

10 May 2009

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23 December 2008

Achievement Unlocked: A game of Achievement Unlocking

Epic Metagames.


12 July 2008

Pundit Kitchen: (US) political humor, Cheezburger style


(I won’t post for a while. I’m on vacation afk.)

26 June 2008

Just testing something, ignore

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