28 September 2009

Fortune interviews Mark Whitacre, ADM price-fixing whistleblower and compulsive liar

Whitacre discusses bipolar disorder, prison, his marriage, lying to Fortune in an earlier interview and Steven Soderbergh’s new film, “The Informant!” where his person is presented by Matt Damon. The book on which “The Informant!” is based comes highly recommended.


27 August 2009

Depression may be mental adaptation, enhancer of analytical thinking


A six-year-old girl’s battle against schizophrenia

“”Is the Moban working?” her mother asks Jani during a visit. “No. I have more friends.””

See also: her father’s blog.


11 August 2009

Study: Schizophrenia patients show increased violent tendencies mainly when substance abuse is involved

See also: Scientist’s home page.

Finnish readers may be interested in Tiede magazine’s news item, which links to previous articles discussing recent school shootings and their relation to mental disorder among the perpetrators.


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