25 January 2011

Background image with sea and waves from the meditative soundscape site donothingfor2minutes.com

Do Nothing For Two Minutes

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17 November 2009

Meditation Halves Risk of Heart Attack

8 October 2009

Breathe Deep And Let Go Of Things

☸ Breathe Deep And Let Go Of Things
(Flickr photo, t-shirt). Inspired by this, which in turn was inspired by a WWII era British propaganda poster (buy).

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14 September 2009

The Zen TV Experiment

The article opens with some interesting, meditation like exercises that allegedly will help the reader grasp the inner nature of the idiot box. A bit further into the text, the author goes off the rails with a to my mind quite thoughtful Buddhism like rant about the overall brain rotting qualities of TV. Which I happen to mostly agree with.

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25 July 2008

Meditation Shown To Slow Progression Of HIV

“Researchers at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) report that the practice of mindfulness meditation can halt the decline of CD4-T cells in HIV-positive patients.”

10 July 2008

Free White and Pink noise generator

Simplynoise.com plays a flash based loop of white and pink noise. The site is dead simple and easy to use and offers downloadable audio files for offline access, but I wish they would add brown noise as well.

These “colorful” noises can be used for meditation, relaxation and working/staying focused in loud or otherwise obnoxious environments. Some even find the noises useful for making tinnitus less intrusive.

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