8 July 2010

Antibody Discovered for 91% of HIV Strains

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2 March 2010

Marijuana use by seniors goes up as boomers age

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7 February 2010

Could omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce psychosis in at-risk people?


20 January 2010

How the US exports its mental illnesses

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26 December 2009

Microbes That Keep Us Healthy Starting To Die Off


5 December 2009

Astronauts on Drugs


23 November 2009

Patient trapped in a 23-year “coma” was conscious all along

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29 October 2009

Scientists turn human stem cells into early-stage sperm and eggs


19 September 2009

British doctor faces action over claims of ‘ghost writing’ for US drug company

Doctors have been agreeing to be named as authors on studies written by employees of the pharmaceutical industry, giving greater credibility to medical research, according to new evidence.

The Guardian has learned that one of Britain’s leading bone specialists is facing disciplinary action over accusations that he was involved in “ghost writing”.

17 September 2009

Color blindness in monkeys cured with gene therapy


6 September 2009

How a software engineer tried to save his sister and invented a cancer treatment device

Also: Vascular Design‘s promo video.

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27 August 2009

Depression may be mental adaptation, enhancer of analytical thinking


A six-year-old girl’s battle against schizophrenia

“”Is the Moban working?” her mother asks Jani during a visit. “No. I have more friends.””

See also: her father’s blog.


9 July 2009

A Drug That Could Give You Perfect Visual Memory

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7 July 2009

Porn now illegal in the Ukraine, unless used for medicinal purposes


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