12 January 2011

Of Course I'll Spend 8 Minutes of My Life Watching Your Branded Content

Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising #

Illustration from 'I Modi' ('The Ways') by Pietro Aretino and Giulio Romano, a 16th century work of erotic fiction which according to some helped popularize print and literature

The Fascinating Story of Porn and Technology Adoption

Yes, Cracked.com publishes some fascinating stuff but I generally find it awkward to link to them.

Let’s take a moment to think about Cracked. Most everyone gets that their material and the research behind it doesn’t quite match the quality you find in Wired.

This meta comment on Cracked relates very closely to this story on the new web publishing industry I discussed little over a year ago. How every pun in a Cracked.com article actually is search engine optimization becomes laughably clear in this porn piece. The writer has slipped in just about every FCC safe adult entertainment related expression you could daydream up of in the story.

Improving content distribution with sex and porn is just that powerful. If you have a web site, you could try this yourself: just mention porn in some really obscure way and you’ll probably get at least some traffic through someone’s really fap happy search engine queries. If you mention child porn, you’ll be awarded search traffic so depraved you might feel a bit uncomfortable just storing your search referer data.

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18 November 2009

Japanese Fanta Commericals Fan(ta)subbed


9 November 2009

Verkkokauppa.com Buys Teen’s Name

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30 June 2009

Microsoft’s strange new online video ads for Internet Explorer 8

I kind of liked F.O.M.S. and to some degree, G.R.I.P.E.S.. It can’t be easy to come up with something clever to say about a product known to everyone who cares as utter shit. But hey, IE9 is likely to be good enough for basic users in a Safari-like way.


13 June 2009

Wolcott's Instant Pain Annihilator -  'A speedy & permanent cure for headache, toothache, neuralgia, catarrh and weak nerves'

Old School Medicine Ads


17 January 2009

British Humanist Association Einstein Atheist Bus Campaign Tube Advert

Christian UK bus driver refuses to drive a bus with atheist “There’s probably no God” ad banner

See also: The home page of the ad campaign

1 November 2008

“Maybe it’s time to move on”, a series of ads for Careerbuilder.com

30 August 2008

Fake news in US newspapers

“As more newspapers and other media outlets cut staff, public relations and advertising make gains. The Minnesota-based firm ARAnet provides “free print and Web content. […] More than 65 of the nation’s top 100 newspapers, including the Star Tribune, use” ARAnet content, which “carries client messages.” ARAnet president Scott Severson says his firm provides “high-quality consumer content” that “just happen[s] to be underwritten by our clients.””

Summary from PR-Watch.


22 August 2008

Actors paid to line up for iPhone launch in Poland

“As part of a marketing campaign ahead of the iPhone’s Friday launch in Poland, the country’s largest mobile operator Orange is paying dozens of actors to stand in queues.”

15 August 2008

Power-Saw to the People: Dexter season 3 (Dexter Morgan), promotional poster, Comicon 2008

Promotional poster for Showtime’s “Dexter” season 3, seen at Comic-Con 2008.

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5 August 2008

The Onion: World’s Worst Person Decides To Go Into Marketing

“I think it’s the career path that will best utilize my networking skills and my ability to think outside the box,” said Deenan, whose smug, gloating tone and shit-eating smile just make you want to punch his goddamn teeth in. “So I’m definitely thinking marketing. Either that, or PR.”


26 July 2008

Meat commercial from Soviet-era Estonia

The words being chanted are “chicken” and “meat“, kanahakkliha=chicken minced meat. Edit: Harry Egipt, the man behind this and many other.. powerful Estonian tv ads has been discussed in-depth elsewhere.


25 July 2008

Beijing 2008 Amnesty International ad

Amnesty International (Hungary) ad: Beijing 2008 - Stop the China's World Record of Executions

Amnesty International ad: Beijing 2008 - Stop China's World Record of Executions

Full size and more info on Ads of the World.

4 July 2008

24 Unforgettable Advertisements

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