21 June 2010

traintimes london underground live tube train position map

Live train map for the London Underground

[via:Hacker News]

25 February 2010

Whoever designed Barcelona played way too much SimCity. A Google map proves the point further.


10 February 2010

Streetview Finland – Where were you when Finland was Googled?

A blog collecting snaphots from Google Street View, which recently released summery scenery from Finland. Lots of sign language and such.


9 February 2010

Google Street View opened in Finland (news story in Finnish)

Google had the good taste to crawl Finland, including my place last summer when the weather wasn’t complete shit. But wait for the public outcry, Google Street View is just too good to be legal.

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18 November 2009

Weird Google Street View Scenery

Related to an article with the usual panicking about Google Street View.

Protip for complainers: build a fucking fence if you don’t want your genital warts photographed when you walk naked in your suburban garden.

Yes, Google and the likes are really privacy issues in the scale of spanish galeons on monster truck wheels.

High resolution, freely available street maps with metadata are, however, some of the most useful types of services ever, and someone building this doesn’t even enter into the “ethically dubious” category.

Shut up and start looking at the real issues, such as real time video surveillance and online data mining.


A look at Google’s plans to mess with the mobile OS and Turn-by-Turn navigation market

…which seems to involve a “less than free” licensing model. Software platforms such as Android will be free to use and hardware manufacturers will be paid part of the ad revenue produced by devices running Google’s code. This involves Chrome OS as well.


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