18 November 2009

Mafia Wars CEO Brags About Scamming Users From Day One


30 September 2009

Windows users: switch to Microsoft’s new free Anti-Virus

Anti-malware companies must be panicking. Microsoft’s competition might finally force them to make their software usable. Microsoft Security Essentials is available for free for users of “Genuine” validated Windows copies.


19 July 2009

Interview with Blue Pill creator: Security Threats 3 Levels Beyond Kernel Rootkits

Rutkowska is known for writing Blue Pill to demonstrate how…

“…hardware virtualization technology can be abused by malware to create a stealthy hypervisor and move, on the fly, the running OS into a virtual machine, controlled by this stealthy hypervisor.”


9 September 2008

Interesting domain admin address found in whois record for phishing domain

27 August 2008

Computer virus reaches the International Space Station (ISS)


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