13 October 2008

Fonera 2.0 features usb port, print/file server, plugin API

Details on a beta version of an updated Fonera Wi-Fi sharing router were recently posted on the FON company blog. New features include a usb port, file/printer/scanner/webcam sharing, and a plugin API. Bittorrent support, backup tools and AirTunes-like functionality through plugins seem to be in planning. The unit is already available for purchase in some countries.

The new Fonera’s coolness is superseded only by the Freebox.

6 August 2008

Linux symposium t-shirt size statistics from 1999 and 2008

Linux Symposium T-Shirt Size Statistics from 1999 and_2008


5 August 2008

Free Culture Showcase to be included on Ubuntu disc images

“For the next release of Ubuntu we want to […] show off some free culture artists by putting their media on millions of Ubuntu systems around the world. […] The deadline for submissions is 4th September 2008.”


24 July 2008

10 essential tricks for admins

[via:Hacker News]

1 July 2008

Indiska skoldatorer måste hålla att stå på

“När den Indiska regionen Tamil Nadu utvärderar bärbara datorer som ska distribueras ut till 100 000 studenter är metoderna minst sagt udda. … Kraven pÃ¥ hÃ¥rdvaran är att den ska fungera fläckfritt med nÃ¥gon av Linuxdistributionerna OpenSUSE eller Ubuntu samt klara av trycket frÃ¥n en 92-kilos Indier som kliver pÃ¥ den.”

22 June 2008

Minimal netinstall iso-images of Ubuntu Linux

Why they don’t properly advertise these on the main site is beyond me. I normally never use anything except net installer cds when I work with Debian.

18 June 2008

Create a tar.gz archive of a directory while preserving permissions of files and sub-directories

tar -pczf name_of_your_archive.tar.gz /path/to/directory

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